Home Care Assistant


RESPOSIBLE TO: Nurse in Charge
ACCOUNTABLE TO: Matron/Manager, Area Manager


  • To be part of a team, whose aims are to ensure that the service users personal, nursing and psycho-social needs are met on a daily basis
  • To behave in a professional manner at all times
  • To promote personal, physical independence and choice in the activities of daily living undertaken by the service users within the home.
  • To act as an advocate for those service users unable to act for themselves.
  • To promote the home in all aspects
  • To maintain a stimulating and attractive environment for the service users.


Working within the Nursing Home’s policies and Procedures to:

  1. Promote and create an environment in which all service users will receive a high standard of care, support and accommodation
  2. To assist and support the Registered Nurse with the admission and discharge of service users in a reassuring manner. List the service users clothing and other property
  3. To assist the service users in all assessed activities of daily nursing. Attend to their wishes and comfort, personal appearance and hygiene needs.
  4.  To convey relevant information about to service users to the registered Nurse and draw up individual care plans to be regularly updated.
  5. To assist in all aspects of service users assessed personal needs as required with sensitivity, respect, dignity and confidentiality at all times
  6. To assist service users with their dietary requirements including making choice, assisting with feeds and reporting to the registered nurse any concerns and ensuring these concerns are recorded appropriately in the care plans.
  7. Prepare food trays and eating areas and ensure the service user is in a comfortable position to aid a safe intake of diet and fluids.
  8. Take and chart observations of service users including weight, food and liquid intakes/outputs.
  9. Make beds and change bed linen. Dispose of soiled linen in accordance with the homes policy
  10. To maintain a clean and hygienic environment for the service users staff and other users of the Adelaide.
  11. To assist with other tasks that contribute to the well being of the service users including the preparation of drinks, light meals, laundry and maintaining of the service users living environment.
  12. Assist and actively encourage the social care and the well being of the service users. Contribute to the development of new ideas in nursing care and in respect of stimulation for service users to improve their quality of life.
  13. To undertake all mandatory training and any other training identified by the manager as relevant to the care you deliver.
  14. To ensure an understanding and adherence to all the homes policies and procedures
  15. To have a clear understanding of the national minimum standards of the CQC.
  16. To work alongside the multi-disciplinary team and read all information in the service users care plans.
  17. Ensure all service users receive Person Centred Care.

All employees are required to

The home is committed to providing professional, respectful and quality care, whilst maintaining exceptional standards to ensure residents enjoy the highest quality of life.

  • Make a difference to the lives of older people and adults with a disability. Residents will be encouraged to maintain independence and choice in a homely environment.
  • Show courtesy and respect to residents and relatives and retain the confidentiality of residents and their families at all times.
  • Greet all visitors in a friendly, courteous and efficient manner and promote the home in particular, positively in the local community.
  • Maintain good working relations with all colleagues at all times. In order that the Company may maintain a positive environment, employees are required not to engage in”or permit any fellow employee to engage in-any-unlawful discrimination against employees, Service users or relatives.
  • Attend and participate in training sessions and staff and relatives meetings as and when required.
  • Be aware of and at all times comply with all company rules, policies and procedures, including the statutory requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act, Care Standards Act and the relevant Regulations.

This job description indicates the main duties and responsibilities of the post. It is not intended as a complete list and may be subject to review periodically